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TEQ3 is a furniture and home goods designer, manufacturer, and retailer with a unique approach.

About the project

EQ3, the world's first blockchain bar, is located in the center of the vernacular area of Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou. The design merges and contrasts the "new" and the "old", and uses typical design techniques to re-deconstruct the traditional architecture. In order to unify the overall atmosphere of the surrounding environment, a large number of buildings have restored the original appearance of the building, retaining and utilizing the relationship between building blocks and the existing roof structure.

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The sculptural ‘black box’ at the entrance of the bar, connected to the interior and the exterior. It is not only a directional sculpture but also conveys the design idea which is combing and contrasting old and new, past time and present days.

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The modern interior decoration highly contrasts with the antique buildings. The extended bar, the curvilinear suspended ceiling, and the starry light create different visual sensations and guide people to explore each corner one by one. With its resistance to luxuriance and desires, the design tries to provides its guests with a completely new sensory experience.

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